Reviews for "Dark Souls General"


Despite the animation looking a bit rough like it was drawn by pencil in hand, I ended up finding this to be impressively enjoyable. A lot of light humor kept my attention throughout. I really did get into the protagonist as well because he (if I am guessing correctly) is suppose to represent us going through the hell of this game and it worked very well. I was even yelling at him when he released the knight in golden armor. So overall the animation ended up working well despite my initial thoughts and the voices were befitting of the characters and animation.

It's funny because it's true.

This pretty much sums up my experience with the game.
The animation isn't anything stunning but still isn't bad, the voice acting is actually well done, and it was a well performed parody.

Ha Ha!!

Brings back sweet but frustrating memories...


I...love you hahaha

Ugh... this video is, unfortunately, 100% accurate. Good synopsis of Dark Souls.