Reviews for "Dark Souls General"

LOVE IT!!! all of it :D you nailed the expressions and feelings :D ++5 :D

this is sooooo true. the purpose of dark souls is not to be "fair" or "nice" or (giggles a little) "easy", its supposed to crush your sense of gaming and direction by surprising you with bosses, mini bosses, and traps. you wanted to just take a walk by the lake and admire the pretty crystal golems who meander about? HOW ABOUT NO! DARK SOULS BLASTS YOUR FACE OFF WITH OVERPOWERED ATTACKS FROM A FRIGGAN HYDRA. OH!, YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN AWAY INTO THE NICE "low" LEVEL AREA? HOWS ABOUT A NEIGH INVINCIBLE BEAST WITH 1-HIT K.O. POWERS JUMPS OUT FROM BEHIND THE DOOR AND SHOVES A GIANT DRAGONTOOTH UP YOUR ARSE. CONSEQUENTLY, LOSING ALL YOUR SOULS AND AQUIRED HUMANITY.

anyways, now that im done ranting, nice flash dude. i really enjoyed the voice acting and detail on smough and ornstein.

In response to Starkiller; it's supposed to be one of the ghouls from Blighttown. Although he did make it look like some kinda duck-zombie, which just makes it funnier. Anyways, hilariously accurate vid.

hahah,loved it,and if someone is asking WTF IS THE GUY LAUNCHING YOU AT THE BRIDGE ??? it is a normal enemie,he does not have this attack but exist

Some parts of that were really funny. Liked the animation and the voice acting, but the sound balance is off. I don't normally see f-bombs in T-rated flashes, it probably should have been rated M.
I didn't really like the ending. It seemed abrupt. Maybe should have gone to credits instead of back to the menu or something?