Reviews for "Dark Souls General"

Funny Stuff

I liked it, it was funny to me. I guess it's about time we see a parody other than something that has to do with Skyrim... >_> *tries not to look guilty*.

Scott-Falco responds:

Yeah I mean, people that submit Skyrim things are like... HEY WAIT A SECOND YOU!

Great stuff

I still think the best thing about this is the logo at the beginning. It's wonderfully well done. It's great that you can do so much good experimenting with such a nice set of animation for everything. I didn't quite get most of the jokes because I don't think I've played this game. This reminded me of the Awesome series. While not as good as that, it really worked because it was just so great to see so many jokes going on.

It was fairly long for a parody. It really feels like you put a lot of hard work and effort into it. While it was fairly hard to follow, there was defintley a nice amount of detail put into it. I also really liked how the voices worked so well. It gives you a great sense that there was tons of nice emotion put into this well done parody.

Scott-Falco responds:

Hey thanks man! And yes I love my logo, it's one of my favorite pieces I've done. Glad you enjoyed the animation


Indeed, Dark Souls is a bastard of a game, but it's worth it. I personally remember all the moments you described. They just did not make me laugh like this did.
Seemingly immortal enemies, being one-shotted, falling to death, important Npcs dying, getting double or triple or quadruple teamed by bosses (do not even get me started about cheap invaders)...and the feeling of total epicness when you manage to advance, against odds which seemed impossible.
You did a fine job here, I mean, you managed to get good quality humor out of an hardcore dark fantasy game! (hardcore= you actually have to do something other than modding or spamming the same spell mindlessly 100000 times to get forward. And, oh my god, you need a strategy to win.)
I am also happy that someone is actually doing something in tribute to Dark Souls...
I would like to express my opinion on why in my opinion this game is underrated...but I'd probably end up saying something hateful against another very famous and appreciated fantasy game...so I'll stop now.
Anyway, really good flash, it made my day!

Scott-Falco responds:

Dude I love Dark Souls, and it really did get underrated. I've clocked a ton of hours into it.


I think I'd rather play this version of dark souls instead of the real one. Looks a lot more fun xD

You always seem to impress.

I love your animation. It's very smooth and always a treat to watch. And your voice acting is better then your average Newgrounder.

Your "general" animations are great, be it on animating, video game parodies, or the like, I always look forward to them.

Excellent work.