Reviews for "Dark Souls General"


@OldSerpenT "Seems like I'm too far from modern society" Pretentious AND entitled; The winning combination.


OldserpenT people have their dislikes and likes but if somthings not funny to you you dont have to make the creator feel bad if others like his work leave it at that but heres the thing if u didnt care about it y did u sit here and write the comment? if you see others like it y would you go against the words of a lot of other people now im not being rude but just because somethings not funny to u dosent mean u need to ruin it for others

That's sad such *creation* have weekly award...

Seems like I'm too far from modern society. Apparently I'm unable to laugh at stupid jokes and swear language... Shame on me, of course.

Funny as hell

Great work bro this truly made my night, although i wish Solaire would have made an appearance, keep the good work coming!


explains my entire go through it.