Reviews for "Dark Souls General"

Hahaha oh man this is a great representation of Dark Souls. I killed the Anor Londo bonfire keeper after I heard she drops an estus flask upgrade and felt exactly like your guy in the movie. Great stuff man, keep it up!

this was so damn funny!! cuz i love this game aswel and u brought back all the memories. what makes this video funny is that everything u shown was damn true!! i mean when u save the guy from prison n he kills the fire keeper so u cant teleport or replenish there that was HORRIBLE TIMES!! but this vid took all the pain n suffering i went through on this game n turned it into something i can laugh about now. thank u :)

Dark Souls so 5 *

So True....a great depiction of that damn game, it is such a grueling game, but yet we still play it.

It's a fantastic game. It is technically better than the first game in so many ways.