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Reviews for "Improv 2 ~P~"

Ah, I remember listening to this on Youtube. Just like before, I'm amazed at what you call an "Improvisation Session", that something you played on a whim can be this beautiful. Though I suppose I shouldn't expect any less from you.

:D as always great music from from you

Very dynamic and fun to listen to. Approved.


Phyrnna responds:

Whoo! \o/

Uhm... just boring. If I wanted to hear classical music, this isn't the place nor author.

Phyrnna responds:

Sorry to hear that. To each their own.
In any case, thanks for making me your first audio review! :D

Some great playing! I just wish there were more dynamics- maybe find a sampled piano that really has some strong dynamics volume-wise, as it feels pretty flat at this time, even with timbral differences. Other than that, I could totally meditate or sleep to this. XD

Also, next time, I'd recommend going through the MIDI and deleting the handful of "overly-excited fingers that wish to press keys you do not wish to press" to really just give it that extra bit.

Phyrnna responds:

Nuu! Original with all mistakes and whatnot! :C It preserves the humanity of it all! Otherwise I'd have to go the full mile and make this a full song... hmmm....