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Reviews for "Improv 2 ~P~"

Expressing your emotions is indeed difficult. In my case, I only have my words and actions, which suffice most of the time.
The real problem for me is that I cannot always see what emotions others are expressing unless it's clear.
So... I'm having a tough time figuring out most of the emotions that went into this improvisation. Maybe if I knew more about what the various tones, paces or transitions meant in music, I could figure out them better.
Nonetheless, this piece is nice to listen to. I get the feeling you really like the friend you made it for. Am I mistaken if the music even sounds grateful at some points?

mmm....very beautiful! your songs tend to have a mellow/sad tune and yet bright at the same time.

id like to hear the better quality some time, maybe elsewhere?

I really love your piano songs, this one was pretty relaxing...
I can really feel that you played to express you emotions; its like if i could hear your sadness, your sorrow, your happiness and your determination on certains parts of it.

Loved it. Gives you that feeling where you start from a worse life then the more minutes past while listening, the more it gets to that intense power you have to make it better.

To be honest, i find this a bit hard to listen to without your mind drifting off a lot. It's not to say that this piece is bad, and I'm amazed that this is all improvised. Improvising music? how can that be possible? It is something that I have never heard of honestly, haha. What I really like about this piece though is the mood. For me it's really hard capturing emotions and feelings of things...maybe it's just because it's not my strong suite, but I seems so easy for you when you make your stuff. This piece just shows how like "down to earth" or normal(?) you are. Just through one instrument you can express your feelings...pretty cool. Shows how awesome you are at piano too! I can feel the energy...sort of (when i'm not drifting off). So thanks for making this? Yea. I've listened to your stuff for quite a while. Inspires me to continue the "music journey(?)", and go mood capturing.

~With wax

Phyrnna responds:

Thanks! It's not the most complex or best written of piano performances, but then again that was never the point. I even kept all the mistakes and nuances in there to preserve the emotions exactly as they were when I was playing this.

Thanks for enjoying! :D