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Reviews for "No Service"


XD funny!


about time someone ragged on the dress codes no shirt no shoes i fully understand but u gotta dress up & ware a tie just to EAT!? c'mon man!!! but i digress good flash make more 10/10 u earned it : )

His attitude made the ending really seem unlikely. haha. Good stuff man.

Wow, I just noticed the sign says: "Like the Fanciest Restaurant in the City"
Love how fast the guys kill him at the end, then he says, "Sweet, I'm gettin' a burrito."

Ahha hilarious. And the ending song was that song the toad from looney tunes always sings!

WhiteLightning responds:

Yes! Thank you! Why does no one else remember that? I keep getting so many repeat questions of, "what's that song at the end?? its so good, did you make it?????"