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Reviews for "No Service"


never laughed so hard ! the voice was just perfection aswell ! would love to see more :D

meanwhile inside the resturaunt

"yeah i'm gonna have a burrito"
"we don't serve burrito's here"
"you have disappointed the king, the penalty is death"
"shweet lets go to that burger kind over there, it has king in it"

WhiteLightning responds:

I applaud you.


Fuck man, i fucking love your flashes, make MOAR! :3


Why are you one of the funniest people on Newgrounds. You should be up there with like Egoraptor and shit.

WhiteLightning responds:

My theory is that I don't produce things often enough. I'm working on that.


definityl liked that someone still knows hello! Ma Baby
for those of you dont know its the song during the creds
vid was funny too