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Reviews for "No Service"

Just keep coming back for more.

I love the whole idea, if it can be called that, since it's a true story, apparently.
But yeah, animation was great and fluid, the jokes are really funny, and the end is the real treat! I just keep coming back for seconds!

5/5 5 Stars Fav

fat+ass=fatass XD lol

Favourited this when it was front paged and I still come back to it every now and then. You're right though, you did something different. And I'm not sure what it is, but it just works a little better. Captain Spectacular was funny, but something was just a little off about it...Something that made it good, not great. This is great. I'm not sure how to put it.

Captain Spectacular still makes me laugh but something holds it back. Maybe the flow. This one just keeps assaulting you with back-and-forth nonsense which I think is what it has going for it. Spectacular on the other hand has short pauses, or things happening at a bit of an uneven pace.

At any rate, really a fan of your work. And, of course, I now want a burrito.

Crap now i want a burrito now and 8 miles to a Toco Bell (sobs)