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Reviews for "No Service"

the only moral of the story is paper can have ears and if you are a penguin you can do a cartwhell while having a Estonia hat but the main part is funny as seeing a cat punch you in the face then dance on you... wait that made no sense but funny

When I started watching I was not impressed and thought this was going to suck, then I started paying attention when they go into it :

I see how it is, you just,you just get to like decide what's fancy and what's not?
Oh yeah, and what if this is like fancy, in like, my culture or something?
And what culture is that?
Man, you don't know, I'm, like, king of the courdoroy pants people and they're gonna mess you up.
I'm gonna have to watch out for that.

And this is where I completely lost my shit. I then proceeded to watch it at least four more times.
good work, you have changed my opinion of this from shitty to absolutely blown away. Good work.

this movie is awesome. that setting was nice. the voices were sweet. All my fives to you my friend. keep up the awesome work.

This is probably my favorite kind of humor please dont stop making videos!

This was pretty darn funny. I like your animation style, it's really smooth. The voices were great, too. Nicely done.