Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

True to the game

I like that the look stays true to the game. Some scenes were drawn, which was cool. But it really stood out. the voice acting was fantastic.

This was a great flash, amazing.

Very well made, the story is getting better and better. Keep up the good work my man. Keep it up

Umm...that was long ^^

That was a long flash, so good job on being committed to it.

Overall it was ok I guess, I'm not a fan of sprite animations being honest.

The guy who voiced Nero also was a bit of a let down, his words all blurred into another like he was foreign or something? Now I'm not being racist or something but with all the other voices being awesome it was just a bit of a let down.

Well done anyway, interesting story.

That was spectacular

I was left speechless while i was watching this.