Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

All i can say is FINALLY !

Star Wars refrence anyone with project "Death Egg"?


This was really good. It's like watching someone who started and is only getting better. With that said I do really love the flash parts. With that said I can't lie I can see if you ever wanted to move from Sprites to Flash, that it would work out.

I mean a story this good, about the only way I could see it not "looking" good is if you said the hell with it and went to classic stick figures XD

anyways Good job to both you and the cast!

OMG!!!!!!!!! Dude, I've been waiting forever for this to come out and you did NOT disappoint :D this was totally awesome and I loved every minute of it!!!!!! I can't wait for part 3 to come out!! SO EXCITED X3 HUGE FAN RIGHT HERE :D