Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

this was awesome looking forward to the next part man im tingling like a little girl

U give us alway a suprie I cant wait when the new slave of eggman will come and I hope there come more and new hedgehogs :) (and who is the desert dweller annyway)

AWESOME! Awesome animation, plot, and fighting. Nice job man and good job to all those that helped you and/or voiced the characters. I'm surprised that Prime is finally dead. I thought he wouldn't die till either at the end or close to the end and that Sonic would be the one to kill him.

Milanous responds:

Many twists and turns are expected to occur in the future keep looking atmy news updates for details, this time the wait wont be so long.

My only complaint here is the audio quality, THAT is far from perfect, but on the other hand this is sprite animation at it's best and you have a proper story and good characters to go with that. Been waiting for this for a while :) I loved every last bit of it.

This entire series is an epic mix of awesome,power,suspense,thrills,and drama! I have to say, the fighting sequences are very well constructed. This was very much well worth the wait.It made me very emotional (especially when Ashura and what I thought Amy died) , yet at the same time filled me with excitement and alacrity that I can only see in my wildest dreams! In the new series, Sonic seems much more like himself, and so does Tails. I may seem a bit like a nerd writing this, but really, to put it in two words: epic series.