Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

im as stunned as vegeta noticing how powerful broly is for the first time

that, and i wanna see sheath again and hear him talk about GIRDERS! thats all i can remember him talking about... DOWN WITH SOPA!!!

Milanous responds:

wow someone quoting from the original sonic origins. I had all but forgot about those

ok i loved it but can you please add me as a hedgheog in the movie she wears a pink dress and is all brown ok and i don't care who's voice i get

i love sonic and everything to do with it. this is one of my most favorite versions online!!! please, keep 'em!!!

p.s..... will we see seath again. not that i hate Nero or anything, he's freakin' awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nice video here it was awesome i would like to make these kind of vids on newgrounds

all nero has is a flame LOL