Reviews for "Age Of The Brotherhood P2"

I hope you put Shadow in this, along with Silver too!

its amazing
and i guess abouts nero`s fire on his hand and head are from katekyo hitman reborn

Pretty dramatic storyline! I love how the story's coming out. Can't wait to see the next installment! Nero kinda reminds me of Kyo from KOF, only a tad more technical and strategic. Keep it up, bro!

I just have one question why did you take 2 years for a new part of age of brotherhood was there any problem?

Milanous responds:

several problems but it's only 19 months not 24 thats like a whole 5 months.

But i got several things going on to prevent that again,

i only have 2 questions 1weres seath.2who's the guy in the green healing looking water is it sonics brother or is it shadow

Milanous responds:

The guy who voiced Sheathe has since sort of dropped off my radar. His name is Segaplaya. If i get ahold of him I'll reintroduce the character ( i was going to do that regardless sooner or later)

the second question is a mystery because it's a mystery. If i told you, there would be no point. But your question will be asked soon enough.