Reviews for "Madness Implacability"

sweet dude!!

I can not believe it. In all the times I watched madness no one has come that close to krinkles amazing work. You just got that close. I am truly amazed at this and really want more. Like alot more. Please make more. And maybe some other freelance stuff too. All in all I have come to one conclusion...you are the closest anyone is every going to get to krinkles. No doubt about that.I hope more people want to think like this and give you the scores you deserve. So please...just make more


Pros:Animation was cleart, smooth, and very well done. The sounds of the henchmen/weapons were great as well. Also the character looked WAY badass, as did the henchmen, but not as much as the protagonist.

Cons: That damn music! It doesn't fit madness at all, and kept you from getting 5/5.

All in all, good job DIMB, this is your best animation EVAR!


It is awesome make more of this!