Reviews for "angry blue jack"

i play it until end!!

cool, i got all medal, but some block falling before i snap it

fortunacus responds:

cool you can finish the game, more sequel will come soon!!!

got until ten level

need some patience for the current level, btw why you so overproductive lately fortunacus?

fortunacus responds:

because its my first time doing with physic engine, and i really exclited to make lot of game using physic engine, next month i will make a really unique game

I didnt find any difficulty play this

i wonder why people cannot play until last level on this game???

fortunacus responds:

i dont know, i just make it easy enough

Should have a higher score

It's nice that you managed to create something so authentic to the original "Angry Birds" game. We should have a category listing all tributes to that game here. What I found to also be cool was how good the graphics were. I have played games like this before, but this seemed to have the best gameplay. It's also nice that you included the sound effects and music as well. It does get pretty difficult as it goes on.

At least you were kind enough to give us a medal for every level we completed. It's stuff like that that gives you the sense of having a lot of time to do something. I also liked how it didn't go to the next level right away. I'm guessing all catapult games are going to be compared to "Angry Birds", nowadays. I doubt it was the first of its kind.

So Hard!

This game is F*ucking hard! But any way i win! ( Any way, just patient! ). Also i think level 12 is harder than level 13. You should switch place of those two levels or make level 12 easier than before so that gamers like us can be happier!