Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

i thought comedies were supposed to be funny..


But "Random" does not necessarily equal "Funny." It's too random to make sense, but the lack of any sort of jokes render it rather pointless. It's not even gross enough to be disturbing. It winds up just being sad in a most mediocre way. I wouldn't bother to comment if this came from an artist I wasn't fond of, but I've been a fan of yours for years. I really don't see what's supposed to be funny about any of this, and I know you're capable of better material.


You get a one star for animating a story made by an old friend however maybe you should of left the story buried some where.....like in a deep hole....under a 10 ton sack of rocks.......with a burning stick figure on top screaming the words "BAD TOUCH BAD TOUCH!!!!!!" over and over again......and finally sealed with the unholy essence of a hundred mimes......


That just wasn't funny. Try to work on actual jokes or try something amusing. death and a cat just don't work together.

this thing is crazy is like the cat is eating her own chidern when it's pregnant and then it gives birth and eat's them like it's her prey and the other one is like a mean death or some sort of b*tch this is getting in my nerves