Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

not this one.

usually they pass off as kinda shock humor-ey but this was just kinda like... blue balls. Animation is always impressive and cean but the content fell short of a logical or at least entertaining story line.

I know this was based off an add-libs script..

..But that was seriously painful to watch. I usually am Ok with random /dry humor, but aside from the cucumber bit, that wasn't funny.

You should tell your friends Peter and Tom to not take advantage of your friendship and have them pressure you into wasting your talent on their incredibly unfunny story concepts.


If the cat was pregnant why does death refer to it as a male..?

Albit Strange

I didnt understand the humor at all.

Weird as Usual

How to rate this? Sex, violence, perversion, grossness. The randomness was kinda funny sometimes. A cynical view on story telling.