Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"


Many people might think this is useless, but I didn't understand a thing. Though I'd like to thank you fromt the part of others that understood it and looking at the comments, many people appreciate it. I give it a 7 for the nice animation and for all those people that enjoyed your art. And cause YOU made it, after all.

well animated and voiced, but..

compared to your other works, this just wasn't funny. It was just a load of senseless stuff altogether. I know you can be senseless AND funny at the same time (vide pleasure island, fernando's musicals and singles, captain planet's stories, even the "i can't fap to this" guys).

I'm trying to be honest here. There are many people that give you a high score just because the work has your name in it, so I guess my review will be considered "useless" pretty soon.

The cat's voice annoys me..

Wtf is this???

CopsOnFireWithErections, Yes indeed