Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

Amazinly I was able to follow all of that......

Okay the animation was good, voice actin okay, that cat won me over, the story however reminded me to much of things i think of on a daily basis so that's were the 8 comes in. Good Job.


Wizard: 'But what on earth gives its price to life?'
-From the Discworld.
Anyhow, I still do not find it on par with the rest of your material. But since I'm such a sellout wh*re towards you, I still give you a 10 and a 5.
Be well.


i find this an account of my relationship. Course shes dead now, i mean, we broke up...yeah thats right. I could follow a bit? but it was kind of well yeah...so stupid it made me stupid, like all the other videos

Animal abuse, necrophilia and broken hearts

This movie has all of the above, and charmfully blends it together into a solid animation with lots of humor.

The artwork was really good and the animation fits perfectly with it. The sound is of good quality and the music blends into the background, setting the mood of the scenes. The voice acting is great, but I don't get why the reaper refers to the cat as a "he". I guess this clip is supposed to be random so it's not like I can hold it against you.

Only thing that keeps this from being a 9 or a 10 is the fact that it didn't give me a "Wow"-experience, but that happens rarely so an 8 is a top rating.

Hope to see more from you on the frontpage!

The wierdest part is that this isn't even the strangest thing I've seen all day.
No, I won't elaborate on that. Good flash though.