Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"


this is funny and wierd as usual. the animation was great and the voices were top notch, however, you could have made more out of this opportunity. sure you can make another video with death and a crazy cat but this was very plain and the characters were 1 dimensional.
also this was unessesary to make. it was long and forgetable. after the video was finished, i thought about the beginning of this vid but it seemed very different to the start. its like you made 2 seperate videos on the same subject. sure the charaters were the same but their personality completly changed at the end.

ok, sorry for the long review but i hope you got the point and reply :)

Holy Hell In A Hand Basket

I Just Had My Mind Blow Away .
Good Animation, Good Voice Actor's, Good Work.

O.o and what exactl were you all smoking at the time???

I.... I dont even know how I am supposed to feel about this... The monkey knife fight had be cracking up though.

Haha, so random! :D Great animation; great voicing... and death and a cat... why death and a cat? What crazy idea made this random character combo possible? And why no cops on fire? I'm OK with the lack of erections though. Keep up the crazy work!