Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

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This is awesome. The music, the melancholy, the dark humor, the animation! The list goes on! Smooth transitions. Just well put together. Felt a lot of emotions while watching this flash, which is a huge compliment. Keep it up with these awesome flash animations! Looking forward to your next flash!



I found the lack of cops on fire sporting large erections made this difficult to masturbate to. Good, nonetheless.


did I just watch?
But awesome anyway, the storyline hid under the carpet, the music once again, was not only Sexual-Lobster-typical, it was even outstanding and fitted the characters XD NOT
No, really, you know how to turn off brains

But I think I'm left with a question here: in this rehab, has there really been a guinea pig on the right side? Awesome!

Sexual-Lobster responds:

that is the majestic bearded squirrel-beaver my friend.

... I dont understand O.O

I mean it was for the most part pretty damn funny but like... I'm so confused.


did you just have sex with my brain?
i'm going to curl up in the fetal postion now!