Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

lol that was funny

I love Death. You know the real guy, not the action murdering others. or you know... whatever. Well, I guess there isnt a real death, but you know what i mean. But, unless which you do believe in that sort of thing.... then yes. yes that. you know lets just forget this whole yes death, no death thing and call it that guy. That guy was great. It had interesting conversations and murder and death that wasnt in your face annoying shock gore humor. If that was your friends writing a random comic then it was pretty good lol. I was actually drawn in. The councilor part was pretty hilarious actually


I like how you take the most difficult to touch subjects in society and make them mainstream, the gender ambiguity surrounding the cat helps to further this

The eating babies part seems like a great way to stem overpopulation, well, that or freezing people for the future; it would be much better to make it their problem

At points the characters seem as though they are giving speeches ignorant of the others existence, the lack of relevance makes it almost dream like

I wouldn't be surprised if a religion is established based on this in the future, then again, the fuck is religion worth anymore. smoke a Gzus bong and let the day carry on


I can't fap to this...

ya know, i've had days that feel like this could happen to me
now that that's out of the way this was a great animation, and while it did show commen problems some couples have, it went about showing them in a fairly hilarious way.
Kudos to you Lobster, and may you continue to make me go wtf at every oppertunity