Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

Destorys all logic and reason...love it

I was confused as well as everyone else here but like everyone I found the great humor to be pleasing to my funny bone. What's more, it's a reason why I like cats better than dogs... cause they can have a threesome with Death and a corpse, and eat their own babies. Quick question: why is the cat a guy if he's pregnant?


A touching and compelling piece of dramatic and political statements, this stretches the boundaries of flash animation and crosses into a whole new vibrant soliloquy, a deep, moving and spiritual work that touches the very soul.

Oh, wait, no it doesn't. What the hell did I just watch then? I'm trying to rationalize this, BUT I CAN'T.


kudos my austrailean friend

your videos give me a reason to get aroused again

pleas dont stop.I need this

What drugs are u and ur friends on man

Cause i will pay big money for some, overall funny, little confusing, but that made it more funny, another great work as usual.

it was great!

This was very funny and I loved the whole fashbacks/ forwards. The artwork was great. It was very good.