Reviews for "CopsOnFireWithErections"

Pure poetry.

Anyone can write a pseudo-meaningful story about how love conquers all or how the underdog ends up on top or how sometimes the seemingly crazy people are actually just really good, moral just people who are just eccentric. It takes a true genius to make a plot that, while completely odd and non-understandable to the common mind, has a strikingly powerful effect on the astute mind. You can call it "weird", but know that they think the same about us. It puts you in perspective. Thank you, SexualLobster, for showing us a part of the human condition that is hard to explore: what makes us consider some things alien? We all recognize cats, and even the Grim Reaper doesn't really scare most people anymore. Also, thanks to your two friends who made the comic, of course.

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This is awesome. The music, the melancholy, the dark humor, the animation! The list goes on! Smooth transitions. Just well put together. Felt a lot of emotions while watching this flash, which is a huge compliment. Keep it up with these awesome flash animations! Looking forward to your next flash!



random yet funny as hell...

Random Humor and Moral Questions!

It's offical, sexual lobster has gone too far down the rabbit hole. We can only hope and pray for his sanity to one day return to him. In the meantime we can watch these crazy cartoons.

utter and complete madness

and that's just the way I like it