Reviews for "SOPA eliminator"

Excellent game!!

This is better than SOPA!!!!!

My friends... you got the honor...

you really did it! and now i have something good to play all the day!
but that about Justin Bieber was really necessary? because i just lose all the time because i love to send them away XD
well, i'm chilean, but for NG and all the US users i understand all this bad situation. better to ear that Obama stop all this crap, and now we can enjoy games like this again.
all the stars and the honor for you, my friend.


However, I hate more and more Justin Bieber with this game.
I got all the medals and the one from your site :D

megaupload is dead for this we need revenge


i love the medals in this Game. I hate SOPA so much. Glad that the CENSORED thing did not happen at all. the game play was great and i loved it a lot. Justin Bieber is better Than SOPA. Keep up the awesome work.
Peace out