Reviews for "SOPA eliminator"

Hahaha great!

I really liked the game! very funny :D
However, I do hate it when people think that SOPA is a bill that censors the internet. What it really is is a bill that whats to stop illigeal piracy on copyrighted things, which is ok since copyrighting has been around brfore the internet. But since the bill is written very vaguely, and copyrighting does lead to censorship, it makes people think that SOPA is JUST ABOUT censorship of the internet. Im not saying that SOPA is good or bad, im just saying that it "COULD" lead to censorship in the future and i think thats why people hate it.
Sorry for the venting and shit :P again i loved it :D

no SOPA no Bieber!!!!

hahahaha, how can you put ibeber Joke in SOPA day, very creative fortunacus
you re the man!!!!

so funny in sopa day!!!

Imagine if all game affected by sopa, no need great artwork either, this game is very easy and addicting

SOPA is a Joke today!!!

great job fortunacus, you make the great joke on the situation, so cool


Just wtf.. You already were to overproductive, submitting alot. How ever alot sh*t was to similar to things you already submitted before.

Basicly for example take 'Barca vs Bieber' that was a good one, but than it was followed by all those lionel messi submissions. Which were ridiculously similar to it. And dejavu here we go again. Basicly the only reason i even play the games are for medals, and based on time/medalpoints ratio i earn alot on your games.

That's the only plus i can mention and that earns you 1 point.
Sorry for being this harsh but you should know better.