Reviews for "SOPA eliminator"

die bieber AND sopa

it was funnier to kill both...but a good game.

Summary censored by SOPA

SOPA hate rant censored by SOPA

SOPA sucks.

awesome game

Not bad

Not a bad game and the message across is a great one (Screw SOPA) but it was a bit tedious at times especially in later levels with the Justin Bieber head also what makes him great and if you kill him you lose that's not right :p anyway it was a swell toss game so nice job.

why is bieber in here!?!?!?!?!?!

Iam not intended to be heard but why did you have to put such a coment in here stellapropella. if you didn't liked the game just put "i didn't liked it" and that's all. the game has a way of playing that it's classic, instead of bieber he could have used the simbol of ea but he's the maker so i wont say nothing to it. check the rest of the commentaries, don't you think that instead of seeing it from the proggrammers point of view you should watch it from the players side?