Reviews for "SOPA eliminator"

Ok first of all really? Did you have to make justin bieber's head in this game i mean you did a justin bieber eliminator so why not use a penguin just like before. Nobody cares about Justin bieber so they just kill him anyway. oh and by the way it sucks cause the head flies to hell. why? cause when i blast a bomb, it flew straight to hell and the sopa, they don't roll well is it because they are heads just like justin bieber as well i blast and they stop when they have to roll you idiot. it is awful and why are all the badges secret i already know what they are like in justin bieber eliminator. pass level 1,2,3,4,5 and it goes on until the end and as well your site i would give you only a half star but cause of the medals (500) a one. at least its better then a half

Hey just a thought but if were killing SOPA why cant we kill that lesbian in boys cloths?

Pretty average game, but putting SOPA in it makes it more cool. I may disagree with the Justin Beiber thing though XD.

I don't agree

Bieber is WORSE if I kill him I'll rip off his jaw

Great music! Great message! Great game!

Even Bieber is better than SOPA! Die, SOPA, Die!