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Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"

use your brain and your voice to stop SOPA/PIPA

violence is not the answer. we could collect signatures against SOPA/PIPA and send them to the congress. or we could all demonstrate everyday in front of them.


The game itself wasnt bad, but the concept is what is really interesting and great. As said before, doing nothing doesnt work, and violence.... well it was fun but made no sense in the end. I, as a user of Newgrounds and the internet, am concerned about the safety of webs and users, so i'm (of course) against SOPA and PIPA. I'm from Spain and weve got something like the SOPA going on, its called Sinde law, and it supresses the judging process so you can get punished by law with no chance to defend yourself... Shame on us if we dont stop this nonsense bullshit!!

Keep up the good work and greetings from Spain.

lol great message

but if we kill them all b4 they vote on it then no one is for it! :3

Hilarious =D

I really like the message you are trying to get out here =)

great game i wish it had more levels and points were easier to get