Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"


well, apparently, doing nothing doesnt work, and violence doesnt work... yeah,thats about right! good job man! (the number is still rising.... O_o)

Nicely stated

I liked the point you make at the end. And to apsham, yeah... play through the full game before you just vote 1 arbitrarily. His whole point is that raging is not the answer.

an amazing game and amazingly true

not only they'll censor ud they also tax us for using the internet.we must stop them at all cost.and every voice counts.but raging isnt gonna solve it,we must all stand togheter to stop this bill and we shall al scream from the bottom of our hearts:NO TO SOPA and PIPA,WE STILL WANT THE INTERNET AND YOU SHALL NEVER TAKE IT AWAY FROM US.



not bad