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Reviews for "Congress Chainsaw Masacre"

Nicely Done

It's nice to see someone taking a less violent and more sensible approach to SOPA. Obviously freaking out is not the answer and I like how you added that extra lesson at the end.

It's also better to just let your rage out in this virtual game than in real life. ;)


killed everyone at the beginning

A different kind of game

The weirdest part about this was how it sent a peaceful message. I was expecting an option where you could kill Dumbledore at the end. It's so great to know there are people like you making awareness of this. I guess killing everyone will probably only cause more trouble. In fact, I imagine it's something you could also go to jail for, which is generally frowned upon in society. At least I got to use a chainsaw!

There's not much else to this, but of course, there wasn't supposed to be. I appreciated you wanting to go out and send a message like this. I like the music at the end. The graphics, what little there are, are actually pretty good. I assumed there'd at least be a few Congressman smart enough not to vote in fear of being killed.

fuck sopa

awesome game

good message in a perfect world

tho the message is a good one.its not enough to sit by and hope for others to speak on our behalf.signatures and protests concern those in power nomore than the obesity problem in the halls of congress.before long standing and fighting WILL be not only the only way to speak your voice and get your message heard,but it will be our only means of survival.