Reviews for "NTCreature2"

This game is a great time-waster,

However, the Shadow of Killing should probably be nerfed abit. I've beaten the game twice, and that 1 boss had me trying to kill him atleast 8 times each time I play through.

All the way

I played a TON and was whooping ass, when all of a sudden my monster freezes when that flying guy who does the AOE explosion comes out and fucks my butt. Like, I can't move at all when he attacks. Stupid bug that should've been seen ages ago and been fixed long before you released the game. You had me sold. Fix it and I'll rate your game 5/5 everyday for the next month.

Great game

I thought this was a great game leaving other tower defense game behind but while I was playing my monster just sped up and then stopped completely and I suddenly just lost it would make this game a whole lot better if it was fixed

Love it but..

I love the game. the creatures are aweome. But when every i try to play another day on my saved game the menu comes up with empty slots. It gets frustrating and i cant even finish the game.

ntfusion responds:

Whether you enabled any auto clear cookie settings?


thiers alotta metals!