Reviews for "NTCreature2"

Pretty damn fun, though a bit confusing at first you quickly get into the groove of it once you learn how to play. The story is nothing special, but the sheer amount of fun makes up for it.

I have encountered a bug, level 21, playing as an Earth Shaker, I jumped down to the bottom floor of the level and cast my special ability, but suddenly, I froze, and the hordes of enemies proceeded my base, and destroyed it, inevitably causing the failure of the level. Other than this bug, the game works great, and you did a great job of making it so. The process of evolution is also a little bit tedious, but thankfully it goes by fast, and keeps things interesting.

OK graffias but awesome game. >.<

Amazing.Graphics are good but were too old for it.

WERY epic BUT! graphics... well to be honest their a lil bit kidish animated but i think this is enough for your best and try practicing with your flash or whatsoever.