Reviews for "Damnation: DooM Game e1m1"

I loved this game! Flat-line, if you are reading this, you need to make more stuff like this! This was a great experience to play!

-Surprisingly good graphics
-Well done animation
-Good choice of background noise; songs fit the moment nostalgically
-The 2 mini games intensify the feel

-A tad glitchy (random misalignment of things)
-Animation is noticeably choppy at some parts

Verdict: Very fun to play and overall well-made!

childhood memory

It seems like a Doom game would be a first person shooter, but this turned out to be surprisingly good. It mostly helps that everything is presented the way it is in the original game. The graphics are especially authentic. I also love how creepy the music is. While I didn't play the original game, I can still tell this is a very nice tribute. I even like how the title is shown.

It also helps I'm good at this game. I was surprised I didn't automatically die on every level. I'm usually not good at these kinds of games. You have done the fans proud. It's great how it still manages to hold up after all these years.

ha ha ha i love the music "im trigger happy, trigger happy all day" ha ha ha