Reviews for "Edd Egg - Team Eggxtreeme"

but does it get a 10?

this made me laugh when it shouldn't have. the joke was poor yet... the eXtreme was it was put out made it all the more funnyXD and as hard as I tried NOT to laugh of fear I would hurt myself I laughed up a lung... giving this video a 10 out of 10.... and a free lung...

I mus say this is so true how popular x is and how every single thing can not go without some wierd glowing outline or something "Awesome" so in conclusion i find this a very funny parody of all those shows who are supossibly the best anime makers
P.S. I love Edd Egg and i hope you make more good day.

I love this :D


that was cool

Had Me Laughing

Needs More Xs, But Other Than That, Good Work