Reviews for "Scarlet Stranger"

Your game is so good, I made an account just to submit this bug report:
When running around during the final boss battle, I accidentally ran downwards out of the room.
I ended up two rooms down according to the map, in an empty room with no doors. Boss music was still playing, and there were no switches that could get me out of there; believe me, I checked.
Also, the vendor says "I will buy this for x/2" for an item she sold for x, but actually buys it for x.
Now for the good parts:
Awesome game! The mechanics (attack to interact, approach to unlock) are so intuitive and fun!
I could get lost for hours gathering keys, crafting items and keeping my hearts high.
The random level generation is cool too, I'm impressed by the fact that each level was fun and had no "dead ends": areas in which one could get trapped. What language did you write it in?

good game, i like that.

there are lots of bugs in this game, otherwise perfect game

Good game but too slow. and you shoul allow saving on NG

Charming layout and character design. Gameplay is equally fun.
Why only three stars then? Bugs.
I find myself locked into rooms to which I have the key, being unable to change my inventory, unable to turn off the sound and other such small hiccups that prevents the game from being played.
Sort the bugs and you have a real winner on your hands.
An option turn off the music but keep the sounds would be nice.