Reviews for "Super SOPA Bros."

i think marios naked

Call me an idiot, but I liked it. o.O I guess running around not knowing what things are is fun to me. :P

Aparently we should put a blind fold on u and put you in random rooms :3
It didnt have music, which is understandable, due to the SOPA theme, but it made me feel bored. Anyway, i liked the game, i dont wanna write a review review :/

This is great to earn points

Because of the weird issue of pressing up doing nothing. I will have to give this halve a star. hopefully when try this game in a pop up window the jump function will work.
Now for the review: Because I cannot jump I am not able to avoid the first censored enemy so I only have a small scope on the environment artwork. From what I did see it has a classic 8 bit feel to it, The censored are nicely made, and the sound effect so far are good.

@sonic390 well yeah it's so hard to even THINKING about pressing up, i mean all the creativity you had must have just dissapeared after you tought of your nickname, huh?

PS: Great game