Reviews for "Super SOPA Bros."

Jump works fine for me... Just press [^], not [ space ]..

Now see, I think this game is a ver well-done satire about SOPA and PIPA, but there's one small problem... JUMP DOES NOT WORK. Strange, considering that I tried it on another site (I cannot divulge its name or what's left of SOPA will censor everything I do for the rest of my life, especially when they barge into my house and censor real life - bonus points to everyone who gets the joke) and jump worked perfectly.

This is a very annoying glitch, and you should try to fix it for this site. Maybe that's why this game isn't rated as high as it should be (or because some of the negative people didn't folow up on SOPA so much... sadly, I'm guilty of that). 4.5/5 just because of the jump thing. Other than that, great work!

There WAS going to more praise for this game, but it hs been censored by the Stop Online Piracy Act for various claims of copyright infringement and piracy. We mean digital, not wild-bearded, trigger-happy men in big, fancy boats.

Its good but... HOW DO YOU JUMP?!

It's good but I have a few Ideas: Include censored clouds and whole ground is censored as well

Easy medals, original Mario is better(ofcourse) too bad i can't really kill SOPA :((