Reviews for "Super SOPA Bros."

f*** SOPA!

I'd write what I think of SOPA and PIPA, but knowing my luck, they'd censor it.

You can only have a total of 7000 Points and x4 lives. Surprised that wasn't a medal.

Jumping Issue. W/Up-Arrow can be used to hop into the air. If you are experiencing problems with it, please either check your version of Adobe,Switch browsers or use the Pop-out option on the top right of the window.

This game is bundled with a great message, keep up the nice work, you're on a solid track.

**********Warning/Spoilers********** -
All medals will sometimes glitch out, you may have to refresh the page and redo the game multiple times in order for it to acknowledge your medal gain.

Kill All Enemies - Try to achieve this by only jumping on top of the enemies, shooting them sometimes causes an issues.

Mushroom Block - It is the 3rd block you will encounter, try to hit only THAT specific block (LEAVE ALL THE OTHER BLOCKS ALONE) , and grab the mushroom if you are having an issue getting it to register.

Secret Room - After the row of blocks which the Mushroom is located on, you will notice an array of very TALL blocks. Count them. ONE,TWO (Enemy), THREE(Enemy),WHEN YOU GET TO THIS FOURTH BLOCK,STAND ON TOP OF IT AND PRESS THE DOWN ARROW. IT IS THE LARGEST BLOCK.(Pipe)

1UP Block - After Resuming Play from the Secret Room. Look at the tiles on the ground. Count them starting with the closest. ONE,TWO,THREE,FOUR,FIVE,SIX. Once you reach the sixth cube tile. Jump, it will expose the INVISIBLE 1UP Block. There will then be 3 more tiles and then a massive gap which will cause you to fall to your death. Don't fall down it though..obviously.

Hopefully this helps you all with the little kinks and cease some of the complaining.

Mushroom medal won't work for me. Also, I can't get the 'kill all enemies' or the secret medal.