Reviews for "REW"


Loved it.

stage 2

the 2 part made me jump because at first i didnt know what the white thing was so i jumped when the thing killed her


Nice animation/art,fitting music (which kinda reminds me of music style used in Hitman games).Gameplay is decent but sort of easy to me-its ok,adventure games don't have to be always hard.Overall innovative idea-keep it up.

*spoiler!!!*: also i like the idea that at first it looks like if the game character is plain murderer and the rewind effect reveals something totally different.

amazing and original

it would have been a good game if it had been in chronological order
they way you have done it has not only made it original but made it a breathtakingly exciting game
the sound track is amazing as well

I won't lie

Sir, you have complete baller status, very interesting concept, no completely original, but unlike other game that go from end to beginning you sir, exceeded my exceptions, this was a most enjoyable game.