Reviews for "REW"

Excellent concept, could use some refining

First of all, I didn't expect to be hooked by this game as fast as I was - I'm not a big fan of point-and-click adventures, but your unique, dark art style and "telling the story backwards" concept kept me playing to the end. The concept really ties in to the point-and-click genre as a whole, and I'd like to see this kind of storytelling explored in further detail in other games, especially mystery/puzzle genres. Bravo!

Now, some critique. While the story was decent compared to most games, I felt that it didn't fully explore the concept, and could've easily been told normally without losing anything in the translation. The game starts macabre and interesting, opening with a murder, but ends with a disappointing 'thud' - without wishing to spoil, it doesn't even seem like the murder was truly justified anyway. What this needed was a twist at the end (or beginning, technically), or at least some decent motivation for the player to kill a granny with a hacksaw.

In short: great, consistent art, functional if easy gameplay, cool concept, but needs a better story and climax.

Really Cool

I've played a lot of your games, but this one was the coolest! i loved how it went back in time to tell the story, and i loved that it was more adult-themed rather then just more kids stuff like your games ussually are.

Great Game

But a bit too easy and obvious.

Nice concept

Reminds me of the visitor series.
The reverse touch is confusing but refreshing

Fun and Mysterious, but lacks a Climax

I enjoyed seeing the story unfold, but the ending was a little anticlimactic. When it skipped through all of the scenes at the end - that happened a bit too fast in my opinion, and would've been a lot more powerful with a more suspenseful build up of music or something. Great art style - it was very consistent and well done. Nice game!