Reviews for "REW"


It's a nice idea, and i like the art style, but the game itself is a little too easy and (excuse my language) pretty dern short. Overall i'd have to say i liked it.


This idea of going backwards is innovative and intuitive for game play. It also assists in the telling of the plot. I congratulate you, for not only using this idea, but using it effectively, as this is a very good game indeed. The problem was that it was awfully short and too easy since all those question marks appeared on the things one would have to click in that level. Overall, a great game deserving 9/10.


The game's idea of going backwards truly makes people take back on their foresight. At first it seems like the guy in the beginning was a murderer, but then when the true story unravels...


Good idea but very basic. Looking forward to a sequel!

loved it

the rewind mechanic is awesome, you created the reverted twist in the tale! ypu know how to tell a story, maybe you should focus on gameplay and puzzles. well done anyway!