Reviews for "REW"

Well that was pretty spooky. At least the evil B- I mean witch got what she had coming. To bad you didnt show her get slaughtered

My first reaction was "poor granny!" but then when I finished the game I got shocked how cruel she was. I liked that how I had to reveal the past by scene by scene.

I really wanted to like this game but I just didn't feel engrossed. I couldn't follow the logic of each sequence and was in a constant state of bewilderment. The path was linear and each step just felt unpredictable. I simply clicked around until I found something that did something else. It didn't require any problem solving on my part and I never got that "AHA!" moment of finishing a puzzle, I just thought to myself, "How would I ever have logically guessed that was the correct answer."

Otherwise the audio was alright, and the art style was appealing.

The music set the theme. And what a wonderful original theme it was. Brilliant!

I enjoyed the plot and loved the artistic style, but it was a bit too easy to get through. All I had to do was click around to finish it. It didn't require a lot of thinking, which can be enjoyable if the game is difficult in other ways.