Reviews for "Prosnorkulus"

I'm gonna say this isn't the best looking animation I've seen. But I mean... fuck that doesn't even matter. Its stylized so well and the humor is spot on and everything in this world just feels immersive. You chose the perfect music for it too. This and Prosnorkulus 2 are hands down my two favorite animations on newgrounds and I mean it. I don't think I can pinpoint exactly what I love most about your prosnorkulus series but the only thing left I can really say is I'm really looking forward to a third.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

Thanks a lot, brah.

Whenever I meet someone who does not know what newgrounds is, this is the video that I send them.

Whenever I'm bored I watch this. Awesome creativity

It's movies like this.
That make Newgrounds what it is.

little or no explosions, but still awesome!