Reviews for "Prosnorkulus"

this what a flash should be

crude but stylish & funny as funk nuff said

violence, insanity, weird names, and demons.

the sound, the graphics, and the duration are right, and the combats usually
reminded of dwarf fortress, nothing else I can say, waiting for the next one.


Wtf this was just good, like your artstyle and the sniper makes me really laugh =D


i liked it a lot i only feel as if my ears were getting earfucked by prosnorkelus hinself because of the volume of the music which does appeal to the evil psychopath flipping the fuck out it only disturbs me and throws me of my concentration the voice acting was reasonable it was understandeble but at times incredibly annoying.

i d love to see more of this series and cant wait too see the next one!


Gotta give you just a 9... It feels like it's unfinished. I would have taken another 3-5 minuts just to get the story to end. But that was really hilarious! I like the style man! :) héhé