Reviews for "Prosnorkulus"

I do miss this series oh so much. Great work!

Just noticed that the sequel to this, took a over year to make, which is unsurprising. It was time well spent, for both works. Excellent blend of exposition and battle scenes, which are displayed acutely, as if you were there witnessing the events, kinda like PTSD O_O

Such extreme characters, the script is gold, music incredibly good, (at this time) a sadly under-rated submission here at NG, where precision lives!

Being the Superjail fan I am, I very much enjoy this.

LITTERALLY the best flash ever made.

excellent, very nice indeed! there should be more prosnorkulus, oh yes!

it was oh so violent, and definitely a good watch. great voice acting, excellent choice of songs; everything made for an amazing cartoon! good stuff!