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Reviews for "Fast Ass Rap Time"

Oh mr e

You don't know how long I waited for this. It feels so good to what the fuck to your flashes again. I will always love you.

harble garble barble jarble

you sir, are a baboon. BABOON!! BBAARRBBOOOOONNNNN!!
don't ever change.

Catobleper responds:

If I change I'll die. Just like Saddam.

Very funny!!!

Its really very funny and too difficult to pronounce soo speedily,,...
Its totally awesome,....
good hard work,,,.. and keep it up ,,, for more...,....

So funny.

The pigeons make me laugh the most. Your animation style is one of my favorites. It's so cool you did this, hahahaha.

Have you ever thought of making a Comedy Porn? lol